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п»їJohn wakes at six pm with Diann one of his nine willing slaves with hips tied together to the head board, blindfolded and his cock buried in her tight little ass. Donna, Sharon, Amy, and Stephanie are still sleeping in their suits with their wrist tied together to the head board, blindfolded, with a dildo in each of their assholes having been tucked in by Dad at bed time. Janet and Alice are the only 2 of his loving slaves that have not been creampied by Daddy and slept with him tied to the bed, blindfolded with his cock lodged in their asses.

He is dreaming about what he want do today to surprise for his beauties. The thought of fucking them made his dick come to life in Lisa's ass. She felt it swell and pulse in her ass and woke up with a smile. She pushed onto his hard dick moving it deeper inside her tight little asshole. When she pushed into him he threw the covers back, rolled her onto her stomach with Master's cock in her asshole. He moved with her. She prepeared her pretty legs and he had his knees between her pretty legs moving her up to her knees. Her head is down, asshole up, wrist tied to the headboard, and blindfolded as he fucked her ass hole doggy pose moving his strong cock into her with strong deep strokes.
She grunted each time his dick rammed deep inside her. When her grunts turned to moans of pleasure he knew she is about to high and reached around to her clit and pinched it between his finger and thumb. She moaned as her pussy erupted with a hard-squirting climax. Overlord fucked her ass hole until her orgasm released control of her body and she chilled. She collapsed when he pulled his dick from her asshole. His orgasm hit as he pulled from her and he shot his full load of semen covering her asshole cheeks and lower back.

He wiped cum from her asshole cheeks collecting a generous amount and put his sperm covered fingers in her mouth letting her lick his sperm from his fingers. He untied her and removed the blindfold. She blinked and smiled at him. "Thank you Overlord for a wonderful wake up." He smiled and kissed her cheek telling her she needs a shower and change of sheets. He went to his room as she headed to the bathroom.
He quietly entered his room where Cynthia is restfully sleeping with her hands tied, blindfolded, with the butt plug still in her asshole. He slowly pulled the covers from her naked body and she moaned in her sleep and turned onto her stomach spreading her legs. He gently moved on the bed between her legs as his dick got strong again. She moaned and wiggled her ass in her dream as he rubbed his cock on her pussy lining it up with her pretty pussy hole. He gently gripped her legs and pulled her up onto his dick as he drove his dick deep in her cunt. Her body tensed, her pussy clamped on his dick and she screamed as the surprise intrusion in her cunt slammed her awake. When she realized what just happened she giggle relaxing her clamp on his cock. "Good night, Mister." she said as he slammed in and out of her pussy now leaking pussy juice lubricating her love hole for him.
He gripped her hips pulling her onto his dick as he slammed into her cunt. She grunted with each hard drive into her body until the orgasm started driving fast to her excited pussy. When her grunts were joined by moans of pleasure he reached under her body and pinched one of her nipples forcing her to scream with pain and triggered the orgasm making it blast her vagina with tremendous pleasure and she gushed cum over his strong driving dick creating a big wet mark of cum on the bed sheet. He drove in her until the orgasm started to subside and pulled out. She moaned and relaxed on the bed as he untied her, removed the blindfold and butt plug. She told him she had dreamed of just that wake-up call and thanked him for all his love. …

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